Keynote Presentation
Date & Time
Monday, June 19, 2023, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Session Type
General Session
General Session

Carlisle's Keynote Presentation, previously known as the Crystal Ball Presentation, focuses on addressing current and future challenges that OEM aftersales organizations encounter. This year's theme is centered on the concept of Customer Centricity, emphasizing the significance of prioritizing customers' needs. The presentation will be divided into three phases:

  • Customer Centric Organizations in the Motor Vehicle Industry: Operating on a 100+ year old distribution model is not necessarily problematic but presents a risk. New industry players use alternate distribution models like selling direct-to-consumer, rather than via a dealer network. This has many (many!) risks – but it also has some enormous benefits. In addition, these companies are less beholden to quarterly profits and shareholder dividends, freeing up more time and providing massive resources for innovation. The scale of “legacy OEMs” is a strong defense, but what do OEMs need to do to understand these new industry participants?
  • Network of the Customer: Over the years, we have aggressively promoted various hot topics as the next big thing. While some OEMs have implemented certain initiatives, such as enhancing back orders and improving supply chain resiliency and visibility, most have not. This year, we shift our focus away from one idea, and instead try to tackle the root of the problem.
  • Brainstorming to Deliver Customer Centricity: This exercise provides a clear and concise process for generating customer centric ideas and effectively implementing them.  Here’s a giveaway on what the process entails:
    • Begin by identifying the problem your end customers are experiencing.
    • Engage in an unrestricted brainstorming session to generate possible solutions
    • Explore further in three areas, identify objections, and adjust your idea accordingly:
      • Will this idea result in financial gain?
      • Who will be impacted by this solution?
      • Is this solution realistic in practice?

To help illustrate how these ideas can be applied in the real world, we will be presenting a new and highly customer-centric concept. While there are certain benefits to this idea, such as significant profit potential, there are also some drawbacks, as it will deeply affect some dealers. This is done by design, as it mirrors the true brainstorming process in the real world.

Nate Chenenko Meredith Collins