European Parts Benchmark (EPB) Conference

The European Parts Benchmark (EPB) Conference, organized by Carlisle, brings together leading motor vehicle manufacturers to share and benchmark supply chain operations, including transportation, logistics, sales, and marketing. The one and a half day event features new research and discussions on the aftersales parts business. Attendees share ideas, successes, and challenges to improve the overall motor vehicle aftersales industry.

What is New at EPB 2023

Sponsors – For the first time in EPB history, sponsors will be exhibiting during the conference. We will allow a limited number of vendors to install trade show displays for participants to visit. Sponsors will be allowed at all daytime meals and networking events to interact with participants and answer questions.  

What are the benefits of EPB? 

EPB is a yearly benchmarking activity that goes beyond just the annual conference. It features a 1.5-day gathering of supply chain experts to learn and exchange best practices and industry insights.

Owned and driven by its members, each member company designates a Steering Committee Member and a Data Gatherer to collaborate with the Carlisle team in planning and executing the benchmarking activities.

Participants at the benchmark event have access to presentations, breakout sessions, a group dinner, and the opportunity to network with other industry leaders. They also receive an electronic data book before the event that includes over 400 pages of performance benchmarks for 9 OEMs and 88 warehouses. 

For a complete overview of the EPB offerings, visit the Insights page.

Who should attend EPB?

Individuals from various service parts organizations attend the EPB for a range of reasons. When determining who from your organization should attend, think about how they can benefit from the knowledge and exposure gained at the conference.

Warehousing, supply chain, and logistics professionals attend so that they can assess their performance, understand best-in-class performance, and learn about the processes used to achieve these best-in-class results.

High-potential employees use this forum as a training venue.

Senior parts executives use conference insights as a springboard for business planning, and as a venue for networking with industry colleagues.

Companies with smaller parts divisions typically send five to seven people, while companies with larger parts divisions send 12 to 20. In the past, participants have expressed regret that their company sent too few people, but never that it sent too many. We do, however, reserve the right to restrict the number of participants from each company to balance attendance.

Conference Location

Steigenberger Airport Hotel Amsterdam 

Stationsplein Zuid-West 951

117 CE Schiphol, Netherlands

Transportation Options

Schiphol Airport is approximately 7 kilometers from the hotel. 

Parking available in the hotel's own parking garage right next to the hotel
Prices: €25 / day, €3.50 / hour

Sleeping Rooms

We have negotiated a discounted rate of €180.00 per night plus tax at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel Amsterdam. Carlisle will make reservations on your behalf via the registration website. 

Beyond the Conference

The EPB Data Book is the foundation of EPB and contains 400 pages of performance comparisons that cover 9 OEMs and approximately 88 warehouses.

Custom Studies are one-off, targeted benchmark studies focusing on a specific area of interest for a member organization; participating OEMs receive the report at no additional cost.

The Client Access Portal (CAP) provides easy access to Conference materials, Focus Day reports, and Custom Studies from the past 10+ years of EPB.

Insights Dashboard (Carlisle Insights Dashboard) is an interactive version of the EPB Data Book, providing users with easy access to data and flexibility to create custom charts.

Conference Participants are a very important part of the conference! 

The conference is all about the open conversation among peers, whether it is a general attendee in the audience who ask questions to the OEM Rep who complete pre-work in advance and speak on behalf of their company during the session. 

General Attendees 

As a general attendee at the conference, you will be able to listen as OEM Representatives from member organizations discuss and share best practices on each of the breakout session topics. You should come prepared with your key questions and be ready to take notes! 

OEM Representatives 

You may have been asked by your Steering Committee Member to be an OEM Representative for one or more sessions at the conference. This means you will be representing your organization during a breakout session discussion. You should feel comfortable speaking to that topic, and come prepared to share and learn from others. 

Thank you to our EPB 2023 Conference Sponsor!