About Ducker Carlisle

In April of 2022, Carlisle & Co completed the merger with Ducker Worldwide and created the newly combined brand of Ducker Carlisle. Together we provide an in-depth continuum of insights, benchmarking, market research, and strategy solutions. We optimize business performance and accelerate growth for many of the world’s largest companies and private equity firms. To create exceptional business outcomes, we build longstanding and trusted partnerships with enterprise leaders around the world.

Global OEMs in the automotive, agriculture, construction, heavy truck, and power equipment sectors have been coming to us for over 30 years because of the value we deliver as specialists. 

Our clients depend on our in-depth research and benchmarking, our insightful advice, and our customized training and business process support to optimize performance in dynamic times. 

Ducker Carlisle Insights Offerings

OEM Benchmarks 

​​For over 30 years, our syndicated benchmarking has measured our clients’ performance on hundreds of standardized metrics, identifying best-in-class leaders and highlighting opportunities for improvement

Dealer & Consumer Surveys 

Our syndicated surveys offer a cross-industry, worldwide perspective for our clients, tapping into the voice of their customers and enabling them to solve crucial challenges

Ducker Carlisle's Benchmark Conferences

Ducker Carlisle’s Benchmark Conferences bring together the world’s leading motor vehicle manufacturers to discuss latest industry trends and share best practices. These events offer a packed schedule of presentations sharing new research on emerging issues, coupled with deep-dive discussions amongst OEM representatives on the most critical topics of the time.

European Parts 


17-19 June, 2024

North American Parts


April 22nd-24th, 2024

North American Service


May 20th-22nd, 2024