Welcome to EPB 2024 

Ducker Carlisle's European Parts Benchmark (EPB) brings together the world’s leading motor vehicle manufacturers for supply chain operations benchmarking, covering all aspects from transportation and logistics to sales and marketing. This two-day event is packed with new research on emerging issues and robust discussions on the aftersales parts business. 

Attending the Conference


Hear from OEM Reps speaking to their company’s current state and strategies in a variety of engaging sessions.


Connect and network with like-minded people, sharing ideas, successes, and challenges across their organizations.


Learn about new products and offerings in the motor vehicle industry through exhibiting sponsors.

Who should attend EPB?

People from all areas of service parts organizations attend the EPB conference for many different reasons. Consider how different members of your team may benefit from the information and experience gained at EPB.

Warehousing, supply chain, and logistics professionals

Attend to assess their performance and learn about processes used to achieve best-in-class results.

Sales and marketing personnel

Participate in the interactive customer and strategy-focused sessions to enhance knowledge and skills. 

Employees who are new to the industry, or aftersales

Use the conference as a training venue to receive a crash course in key challenges and best practices.

Senior Leaders and

Gain insights from the conference for business planning and strategy development, as well as a venue to network with industry colleagues. 

Beyond the Conference

The EPB Data Book is the foundation of EPB and contains over 200 pages of performance comparisons across the industry, making it easy to identify where your company excels and where improvements are needed most  

Deliverables Access Portal (Learn More) is the hub for all of your historical benchmark materials. This secure site provides easy access to Conference materials, Focus Day reports, and Custom Studies from the past 10+ years of NAPB 

Data Dashboard (Learn More) is an interactive version of the EPB Data Book that gives users easy access to data and flexibility to create custom charts 

Conference Participants are a very important part of the conference! 

The conference is all about the open conversation among peers. From the general attendee in the audience asking questions to the OEM Rep completing the pre-work and speaking on behalf of their company during the session, every attendee adds to EPB's success.

General Attendees 

As a general attendee, you will be able to listen as OEM Representatives from member organizations discuss and share best practices on each of the breakout session topics. You should come prepared with your key questions and ready to take notes! 

OEM Representatives 

You may have been asked by your Steering Committee Member to be an OEM Representative for one or more sessions at the conference. This means you will be representing your organization during a breakout session discussion. You should feel comfortable speaking to that topic, and come prepared to share and learn from others. 

Conference Location

Taurusavenue 12, 2132 LS Hoofddorp, Netherlands

Nearby airports

Schiphol Airport is approximately 2.8 miles

Rotterdam The Hague Airport is approximately 25.6 miles